the scary maze game

The Scary Maze game series has been one of the most popular scary games online. There are about ten scary maze games. There are other scary games too from the creators of scary maze games. Some of these games are the Find the Difference, Save Justin Bieber, Scary Flappy Birds and more.

If you were brave enough, you surely enjoyed playing Scary Maze games on your desktop or your laptop. And now, you can enjoy these Scary Maze games on your phones and tablets. If you are using Apple, you can download the game for free in the App Store. You can also visit to know more. While if you are using Android, you can download the game for free as well in the Google Play Store. You can visit to read more about the game.

The Scary Maze game app has six Scary Maze games incorporated in one. The developers are improving the app and there are more Scary Maze games to come. The first Scary Maze game has been unlocked for your enjoyment. An added challenge in playing the game is to collect stars as you cross the mazes. Once you have collected the required number of stars, you will automatically unlock the next Scary Maze game.

There is one rule you have to abide when playing Scary Maze games. That is to never ever touch the walls of the maze. One touch can ruin it all. The game will be over and you will have to start the current game from its first maze. And if you are lucky enough, you might even see the scariest picture that could hunt you in your dreams for a while.

Play the game on your phones and tablets with full volume. And try to play in the dark. But fun as it may be, Scary Maze games are not for persons with weak hearts or those with heart conditions.

Boxing live 2

Boxing is one of the most popular sports in the world today. Some love playing it while others enjoy watching their favorite boxers as they fight for victory. If you are among those who cannot involve themselves in physical boxing yet love to play it, you can find boxing games online. And one great boxing game you will find is Boxing live 2 which you can play at

In the Main Menu of Boxing live 2, you will find Fight Now, Create A Boxer, Training, Options, Help and Credits. In the Options, you may set the difficulty of your game to Normal, Hard or Insane. You can also turn on Commentator or turn it off instead. You can also toggle on or off for Music and Sounds. You can also set the graphics Quality to Low, Medium or High. In the Help Menu, you can learn the controls and other matters that have something to do in the game. To find the names responsible for the development of the game, take a look in the Credits.

If you choose Fight Now from the Main Menu and you already have a boxer, you can proceed to a bout. Yet if you choose Fight Now but you do not have a boxer yet, you will be asked to create one. When you create a boxer, you will be asked for the boxer’s first name, last name, nickname and hometown. You can also tailor his looks as to hair, face, skin, gloves, shorts and protector. There are a lot of choices to choose from and there are a lot more to unlock.

When you begin a fight, there are also five locations to choose from. However, some locations are locked and you will need to beat a particular player to unlock it. As boxing is a game of gambling, you will receive cash as you fight. You can use your cash to unlock lock items and change your personal appearance.

Strike force heroes 4 unblocked

Are you ready for another action-packed shooting game? Are you going to play at home, at school or in the office? The fourth installment of the prominent action shooter game is here, Strike Force Heroes 4. Once again, defend your base and shoot all enemy soldiers attacking you and your base.

Strike Force Heroes 4 is made better than its prequels. It has more missions than ever making the game more challenging as ever. There are now more environments making the game more interesting. The graphics were enriched and enhanced. However, it is not advisable to play the game on slow or low processor computers for it may took too long to load from time to time. you will lose a lot of playing time especially if you are at school.

There are two ways to play Strike Force Heroes 4. The first mode is the Campaign mode. Some might find it hard. But the secret in playing this mode is to have the right weapon for each mission and the competent team. Weapons will be unlocked whenever you finish a mission. You can also buy weapons at the game shop using the cash you have earned. You earn cash as you play the game and kill enemies. In the game shop, you will find the slot machine where you can also win unique and powerful weapons. Powerful weapons will greatly help you during your battle.

Another way to play Strike Force Heroes 4 is the Challenge mode. Your skills will be put into test in this mode. This time, you will be facing death matches where you need to survive. When you finish a challenge, additional skills will be unlocked. However, if you cannot wait to win a challenge, you can acquire additional skills from the game shop in exchange for your soldiers.

The Strike Force Heroes game series is an addicting adventure shooter game. You will be delighted to know that you can now play it everywhere: in the office, at school or simply at home. However, playing games should not hinder responsibilities at school or in the office.

Enjoy playing Duck Life 2

Are you looking for a game where you can play and have quality free time? Do you like racing games? The Duck Life game series will surely be a great game for you then. You will train your duckling in four skills: running, flying, swimming and climbing. Training your duckling will make him great in all of these skills.

The story began in Duck Life 1 when a farmer’s farm was destroyed by a strong tornado. Having nothing left but an egg, he decided to train the duckling the moment it came out from its shell. He trained it in the skills of running, flying and swimming. His sole purpose of the training was to be able to join and win in races and tournaments and use the winnings to reconstruct his farm.

However, having won the tournaments, the farmer aspired to join more competitions in the second version of the game. Once again play as the farmer in duck life 2. Train the duckling once more not only in running, swimming and flying. Train him in the skill of climbing too. Your ducking has to be well trained before he can join the world races. Though in this second version of the game, take note that your duckling has a limited Max Level. Max Level is the highest level that your duckling can attain in each skill. You can upgrade the Max Level by ten for fifty coins. It will also be upgraded when you win in any race in each country in the World Championship.

In playing the second version of the game Duck Life, you will consecutively compete in five countries: Scotland, England, Egypt, Hawaii and Japan. Each competition has three rounds wherein your duckling’s skills will be tested. Scotland is the qualification round of the world’s championship while Japan is the final. In every country, winning in any round will gain you fifty coins and a mystery package. And each country grants the winner a raise in the duckling’s level limit.

While you train, remember to collect coins along your way. You can use the coins you collect from training and your winnings in the races to buy food for the duckling, to buy accessories in the shop and to upgrade your Max Level.

Vex 5 game

If you like going on adventure to have some fun, you should look no more. Play the Vex game series and find your way to the exit doors. See how fast you can finish each level and the whole game.

If you visit the fan site, you will find all Vex games. Start off with Vex 1. There are eight levels, or Acts as they call it in Vex. Run, slide, jump and swim as you try to evade all obstacles along your way. Be careful not to get in touch with them for they are fatal to the stick figure. Run through the checkpoints which are represented by red flags to record your progress. In case you die, you will restart the game on the last checkpoint you have passed through. And when you are done with all eight Acts, play Vex 2. It is of course harder than the first Vex. You will have to go through nine Acts this time. And expect additional obstacles along your way. Run through the checkpoints to record your progress.

The third installment, Vex 3, is said to be the most challenging in the series. it has ten Acts and an additional nine Challenge stages. There are new obstacles incorporated too in addition to the obstacles you have already encountered in the previous installments. However, after the success of Vex 3, the game developers released a much longer sequel. The Vex 4 game consists of twenty five Acts. And you can count on the fact that there are more obstacles that will be on your way. Checkpoints are still scattered strategically for your convenience in case you accidentally die.

In all these installments, there is another game mode to play, the Stage Builder mode. It is where you can build your own stage or Act. If you have the talent, build a much challenging Act or you can also build a simple one. Then you can share it with friends or send it to the game developers so it can be included in the Vex community. Or who knows, your creation might be featured in the next sequel, Vex 5.

An integral edition to ponder in Red Ball 3

Do you know the importance of a third edition or installment of a game series? If not, it is totally fine because you will eventually be informed as you read along with this article. Often times, people or gamers don’t realize the meaning or importance of a third edition of a game series. There are two distinct importance. First is the fact that it will be a measurement of the progress and development that the whole series has taken and will be in the future. Second is because of the fact that it will continue the progress mentioned on the first importance.

Red Ball 3 is the third installment from the series with the same title minus the number three on it. The story in this game is that the red ball’s loved one was captured by the black shapes. Your mission as the player is to guide and help the red ball pass through obstacles and dangers set up by the black shapes. You must be precise and careful with controlling and guiding the red ball to succeed.

Dress up the cool character in SpongeBob Dress Up

One of the coolest cartoon characters existing now is SpongeBob. There are two reasons why. First is because of his unique features and characteristics which make him stand out amongst other characters. Second is because of the adventures that he has been experiencing which can be a great learning experience for some in real life. This content offers a great game about SpongeBob. The title is SpongeBob Dress Up. If you think that this game is difficult, you are completely wrong. This is one of the easiest and fun games existing online.

Your ultimate goal is to dress up SpongeBob. There will be clothes, shoes, belts, caps and other accessories given in the game screen. You just have to pick the perfect fit for the coolest cartoon character. If there is one thing that gamers can take away from playing this game, it is the sense of fashion and style that can be applied in real life.

Casting Spells and Fight Dragons in SpellBlazer 2

The Darkslingers that brought darkness in our world were once flushed away by the Lightcasters, now they are back and they are much stronger. In SpellBlazer 2, train and learn in the school of Lightcasters, and once again save the world on the brink of its destruction. Cast spells to fight off against creatures of darkness. Embark on an adventure in this action-packed card game.
You will play as a farmer’s son that will travel to the school of Lightcasters, as a training, you will travel alone and protect yourselves against evil creatures. You have 4 basic spells namely Fire, Ice, Lightning and Heal.

Enemies will have at least one weakness and one resistance. Choose three among the spells that you have, which can help you defeat the enemy easier. as you fight blocks of your spell and enemy’s spell are scattered across a board and both will take turns to form at least three blocks of the same spell to cast it. Cast damaging spells continuously to deal damage to the opponent, when the opponent’s life points drop to 0, then you can proceed on your travel. There are no upgrades for your character or skill, but the map is very wide and there are lots of places to visit. The money that you can loot on the enemy is used for resting in towns to recover health points. SpellBlazer 2 is one adventure, puzzle game that you should not miss.

Help the wildlife animal keeper in Hippo’s Feeder

Hippo’s Feeder is a fun, addictive puzzle game. Your goal is to help the wildlife animal keeper give the Hippopotamus’ food so they can relax and go to sleep. But be careful because these hungry hippos can eat the animal keeper. Avoid getting in touch with the hippos if they are still standing and opening their mouth. Will you be able to help the animal keeper and successfully feed these hungry hippos? Or will you be their next meal?

You play as the animal keeper, there are no lives or health points in this game, move a little too close to the hippos and they will devour you whole, and just like that, the game is over. Your controls are W,A,S and D or the navigation keys for movement, pressing S or down arrow will also make the animal keeper pick up objects like the watermelon, rocks and chili. The watermelon serves as the hippo’s food, the rocks can be thrown and used to detonate TnT or break crates, while the chili can be fed to the hippo to make them red and run rampantly. Each level has different puzzles that will challenge your brain. Step onto a crate before you destroy them or vice versa. Also be careful where will you throw the watermelon, as spikes and the TnT can destroy it, leaving you no choice but to fed yourself. Use all the things that can be picked up or pushed to finish your goal and move on to the next level. There are also fruits and bird that you can bump and collect for bonus points.

Blaze through 20 challenging levels and prepare your mind to be tested from precision timing and thorough planning to projectile landing calculation. Hippo’s Feeder is a one puzzle game to be tested out.

Reach the summit of the Alps in Ski Slalom

If you are looking for a relaxing place and want to enjoy it while playing, Ski Slalom is the best game for you. This is a winter sports game that will surely satisfy your moment. Do not let this chance pass for nothing especially for those who have never been experienced the amazing look of snow or winter breeze. You can reach the summit of the Alps and enjoy the moment alone. Even the beginners can find this game easy.

Just get through between the standing flags and enjoy the game. You are being guided by the flags ahead of you. This is a timed game from the moment you had crashed the gate so do your best. Use the arrow keys on your keyboard in moving from left to right. To make it faster, press and hold down the up arrow. Relax and enjoy every moment at the middle of the Alps.