Kill all the enemies in Gun Mayhem 2

Gun Mayhem 2 is a flash game that involves a lot of shooting action and weapons. This is already the second edition from the very addicting shooting flash game series called Gun Mayhem. In this edition, the player’s objective is to kill all the opponents as well as escape their shots as much as possible. Kill them all by utilizing the weapons in the game in order to be successful through the end. The two good things about Gun Mayhem 2 are the aesthetic and sounds. The designs and graphics are highly commendable.

The sounds are perfect to make the action realistic even by just the virtual sound. It is very important to be familiar with the game screen so that you will not be confused on where to play and what to do. The game screen options are Campaign button where you will start the game, Custom button where you can customize the characters and weapons, Challenges where you can see the list of challenges to deal with and the Credits.

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