Follow the King’s order in Crush the Castle 2

The medieval period has been greatly incorporated in the flash game series called Crush The Castle because of three reasons. One is because of the entertainment it offers to the players through the graphic designs and background. Second reason is because it involves a lot of action which will excite many players as well. Last reason is because of the medieval setting which is a good era to play into. This series has been continuing to offer new editions like the second version in Crush The Castle 2.

King Redvonian and Siege Master is still present in this new version with a new mission. The King has received information about the castles built by King Blutias. This made the king upset and order the Siege Master to be on his best ability to destroy the Blutian castles. The player will have to use the trebuchet wisely and precisely in order to satisfy the King. Crush the castles accordingly to make yourself fulfilled and triumphant.

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