Guess words as many as you can in Semantic Wars

If there is one flash game that involves action and guessing game, it will be the one called Semantic Wars. This is perfect for gamers who are not only looking for tremendous action but also educational aspects as well. Semantic Wars is an action-packed game that also incorporates words to fond about. There are two reasons why you will have to check this game out. First is because of the battle that will undergo as you are on the process of venturing in this game. Second is the warm up challenge to boost your mind and your tactics too.

As the player, you will be given weapons and warriors which you will use in going into some battles. But before you move forward, you will have to earn enough money to be prepared in the battle. You can earn money by guessing the words in various categories presented in the screen. You will have to unleash your knowledge with words so you can earn enough. Use your earning in buying certain stuffs integral in the battle you will be going.

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