Find the criminal in Wheely 7

Wheely 7 is the seventh and latest edition from the game series called Wheely. From the name, you can easily sense or conclude that it has something to do with cars. The series where this particular game is involved is very successful because of two reasons. First is because it involves a lot of action, puzzles, riddles and challenging gameplay. Second is because it requires strategic thinking from the player which is a great way to challenge him or her. Going back to the main topic, Wheely 7 is an interesting game because it has a new story in it.

The story is about Wheely becoming a detective to investigate on the robbery that happened on the bank from where he withdrawn certain money. He will only be successful if you help him as the player if this game. Make sure that you crank cranks, flip switches and push buttons so that wheely will have a progress on his investigation. More details are included at

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