Play Gun Mayhem 3 against other online players

Gun Mayhem 3 Chaos Faction, the third installment of the Gun Mayhem series, is a multiplayer online game. The core gameplay of the first two versions were really like this, only, Gun Mayhem 3 is about online playing with and against other online players. In this installment, the player can choose which mode to play: Campaign, Deathmatch or Survival.

In the Campaign mode, you will fight the boss of every level to unlock extra levels, weapons and characters. In the Deathmatch mode, you can form a team with a maximum of six members. And in the Survival mode, you fight with as many enemies as you can and you may submit your score to the online scoreboard. Players can customize their characters before the start of each mode, and that includes choosing your weapon. Being an online game, Gun Mayhem 3 has become the most popular in the game series.

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