Help the wildlife animal keeper in Hippo’s Feeder

Hippo’s Feeder is a fun, addictive puzzle game. Your goal is to help the wildlife animal keeper give the Hippopotamus’ food so they can relax and go to sleep. But be careful because these hungry hippos can eat the animal keeper. Avoid getting in touch with the hippos if they are still standing and opening their mouth. Will you be able to help the animal keeper and successfully feed these hungry hippos? Or will you be their next meal?

You play as the animal keeper, there are no lives or health points in this game, move a little too close to the hippos and they will devour you whole, and just like that, the game is over. Your controls are W,A,S and D or the navigation keys for movement, pressing S or down arrow will also make the animal keeper pick up objects like the watermelon, rocks and chili. The watermelon serves as the hippo’s food, the rocks can be thrown and used to detonate TnT or break crates, while the chili can be fed to the hippo to make them red and run rampantly. Each level has different puzzles that will challenge your brain. Step onto a crate before you destroy them or vice versa. Also be careful where will you throw the watermelon, as spikes and the TnT can destroy it, leaving you no choice but to fed yourself. Use all the things that can be picked up or pushed to finish your goal and move on to the next level. There are also fruits and bird that you can bump and collect for bonus points.

Blaze through 20 challenging levels and prepare your mind to be tested from precision timing and thorough planning to projectile landing calculation. Hippo’s Feeder is a one puzzle game to be tested out.

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