Casting Spells and Fight Dragons in SpellBlazer 2

The Darkslingers that brought darkness in our world were once flushed away by the Lightcasters, now they are back and they are much stronger. In SpellBlazer 2, train and learn in the school of Lightcasters, and once again save the world on the brink of its destruction. Cast spells to fight off against creatures of darkness. Embark on an adventure in this action-packed card game.
You will play as a farmer’s son that will travel to the school of Lightcasters, as a training, you will travel alone and protect yourselves against evil creatures. You have 4 basic spells namely Fire, Ice, Lightning and Heal.

Enemies will have at least one weakness and one resistance. Choose three among the spells that you have, which can help you defeat the enemy easier. as you fight blocks of your spell and enemy’s spell are scattered across a board and both will take turns to form at least three blocks of the same spell to cast it. Cast damaging spells continuously to deal damage to the opponent, when the opponent’s life points drop to 0, then you can proceed on your travel. There are no upgrades for your character or skill, but the map is very wide and there are lots of places to visit. The money that you can loot on the enemy is used for resting in towns to recover health points. SpellBlazer 2 is one adventure, puzzle game that you should not miss.

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