Vex 5 game

If you like going on adventure to have some fun, you should look no more. Play the Vex game series and find your way to the exit doors. See how fast you can finish each level and the whole game.

If you visit the fan site, you will find all Vex games. Start off with Vex 1. There are eight levels, or Acts as they call it in Vex. Run, slide, jump and swim as you try to evade all obstacles along your way. Be careful not to get in touch with them for they are fatal to the stick figure. Run through the checkpoints which are represented by red flags to record your progress. In case you die, you will restart the game on the last checkpoint you have passed through. And when you are done with all eight Acts, play Vex 2. It is of course harder than the first Vex. You will have to go through nine Acts this time. And expect additional obstacles along your way. Run through the checkpoints to record your progress.

The third installment, Vex 3, is said to be the most challenging in the series. it has ten Acts and an additional nine Challenge stages. There are new obstacles incorporated too in addition to the obstacles you have already encountered in the previous installments. However, after the success of Vex 3, the game developers released a much longer sequel. The Vex 4 game consists of twenty five Acts. And you can count on the fact that there are more obstacles that will be on your way. Checkpoints are still scattered strategically for your convenience in case you accidentally die.

In all these installments, there is another game mode to play, the Stage Builder mode. It is where you can build your own stage or Act. If you have the talent, build a much challenging Act or you can also build a simple one. Then you can share it with friends or send it to the game developers so it can be included in the Vex community. Or who knows, your creation might be featured in the next sequel, Vex 5.

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