Strike force heroes 4 unblocked

Are you ready for another action-packed shooting game? Are you going to play at home, at school or in the office? The fourth installment of the prominent action shooter game is here, Strike Force Heroes 4. Once again, defend your base and shoot all enemy soldiers attacking you and your base.

Strike Force Heroes 4 is made better than its prequels. It has more missions than ever making the game more challenging as ever. There are now more environments making the game more interesting. The graphics were enriched and enhanced. However, it is not advisable to play the game on slow or low processor computers for it may took too long to load from time to time. you will lose a lot of playing time especially if you are at school.

There are two ways to play Strike Force Heroes 4. The first mode is the Campaign mode. Some might find it hard. But the secret in playing this mode is to have the right weapon for each mission and the competent team. Weapons will be unlocked whenever you finish a mission. You can also buy weapons at the game shop using the cash you have earned. You earn cash as you play the game and kill enemies. In the game shop, you will find the slot machine where you can also win unique and powerful weapons. Powerful weapons will greatly help you during your battle.

Another way to play Strike Force Heroes 4 is the Challenge mode. Your skills will be put into test in this mode. This time, you will be facing death matches where you need to survive. When you finish a challenge, additional skills will be unlocked. However, if you cannot wait to win a challenge, you can acquire additional skills from the game shop in exchange for your soldiers.

The Strike Force Heroes game series is an addicting adventure shooter game. You will be delighted to know that you can now play it everywhere: in the office, at school or simply at home. However, playing games should not hinder responsibilities at school or in the office.

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