Boxing live 2

Boxing is one of the most popular sports in the world today. Some love playing it while others enjoy watching their favorite boxers as they fight for victory. If you are among those who cannot involve themselves in physical boxing yet love to play it, you can find boxing games online. And one great boxing game you will find is Boxing live 2 which you can play at

In the Main Menu of Boxing live 2, you will find Fight Now, Create A Boxer, Training, Options, Help and Credits. In the Options, you may set the difficulty of your game to Normal, Hard or Insane. You can also turn on Commentator or turn it off instead. You can also toggle on or off for Music and Sounds. You can also set the graphics Quality to Low, Medium or High. In the Help Menu, you can learn the controls and other matters that have something to do in the game. To find the names responsible for the development of the game, take a look in the Credits.

If you choose Fight Now from the Main Menu and you already have a boxer, you can proceed to a bout. Yet if you choose Fight Now but you do not have a boxer yet, you will be asked to create one. When you create a boxer, you will be asked for the boxer’s first name, last name, nickname and hometown. You can also tailor his looks as to hair, face, skin, gloves, shorts and protector. There are a lot of choices to choose from and there are a lot more to unlock.

When you begin a fight, there are also five locations to choose from. However, some locations are locked and you will need to beat a particular player to unlock it. As boxing is a game of gambling, you will receive cash as you fight. You can use your cash to unlock lock items and change your personal appearance.

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