the scary maze game

The Scary Maze game series has been one of the most popular scary games online. There are about ten scary maze games. There are other scary games too from the creators of scary maze games. Some of these games are the Find the Difference, Save Justin Bieber, Scary Flappy Birds and more.

If you were brave enough, you surely enjoyed playing Scary Maze games on your desktop or your laptop. And now, you can enjoy these Scary Maze games on your phones and tablets. If you are using Apple, you can download the game for free in the App Store. You can also visit to know more. While if you are using Android, you can download the game for free as well in the Google Play Store. You can visit to read more about the game.

The Scary Maze game app has six Scary Maze games incorporated in one. The developers are improving the app and there are more Scary Maze games to come. The first Scary Maze game has been unlocked for your enjoyment. An added challenge in playing the game is to collect stars as you cross the mazes. Once you have collected the required number of stars, you will automatically unlock the next Scary Maze game.

There is one rule you have to abide when playing Scary Maze games. That is to never ever touch the walls of the maze. One touch can ruin it all. The game will be over and you will have to start the current game from its first maze. And if you are lucky enough, you might even see the scariest picture that could hunt you in your dreams for a while.

Play the game on your phones and tablets with full volume. And try to play in the dark. But fun as it may be, Scary Maze games are not for persons with weak hearts or those with heart conditions.

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