Enjoy Hidden Object Game

Shooting and bubble games are very common over the internet. Are you feeling very bored with these common games? So, try something different. Hidden object game is quite different from the common games. So play now the game.
Hidden object game is very simple to play. You have to find object that is hidden. If you are able to find the object you can get points. The goal of the game is very simple but it is quite challenging. There are tons of games over the internet but this game is very unique. There are many websites that are not free but this game is free in our site. The game is a flash based game. The game will not disappoint you for sure. Playing the game depends often on luck because no one knows where the hidden object is! You can play the game for hours and hours but you will never feel bored.

A Popular Action Game- Plazma Burst

Internet is the place where you can easily kill your boredom. Here, you can play the online games. Amazing part of the online games is, most of them can be played for free. You will find all kinds of games such as puzzle games, action games, violent games, non-violent games, tricky games, restaurant games and many more. Here, we will focus on a very popular action game and that is Plazma Burst. Trust me; you are going to love this one.
Plazma Bust is a game that has been warmly welcomed by the online game players. In the game, you will find a lot of enemies in your way. You have to defeat them. In order to do so, you will get weapons. You have to use them in proper time so that you don’t get killed by them. Make you moves by using the keyboard and use your weapons with the help of mouse.

Awesome Track, Free Rider 2: Heaven or Hell

In Free Rider 2, you can customize and adorn the surroundings by making use of a big tool set.  Use the arrow keys and drive using the track once you are done.  This game is a lot better than the first one with its editor kind of experience. You can also modify your friends’ tracks and publish them with the interactive free riding application.  One of the coolest tracks ever made is Free Rider 2: Heaven or Hell.  As opposed to the first version, Free Rider 2 is now in color so; you can sketch colored lines with preset color codes or even custom hex codes.  You can also acquire the free rider 2 color swf file using the download link.  No computer programming experience is needed to turn into a flash game programmer with this game.  Create a course with power-ups and boosts, and use bombs on the map! Drive a vehicle via your own level such as BMX, mountain bike, ATV, monster truck, and more fun and creative vehicles!

Pure Fun and Excitement with Bubble Struggle

Bubble Struggle, is the brand new game and the improved release of the previous aim plus shoot game, Bubble Struggle. This specific game brings back the devil with the ridiculous weapon, black cape, yellow shirt, and orange shorts. This well-loved figure takes hazardous bubbles all over again, at much better challenge.  It maintains the features of the original Bubble Struggle game.  Your main objective in the game is very simple; you have to get rid of all the bubbles without letting them touch you.  As always, it would be easy at first but gets complicated as you go on.  Protective shield, extra time and slow motion are just a few of the number of bonuses that you can get.  You can play this game alone or with a friend.  Regardless, how you want to play it, one thing is for sure, this game would bring you pure fun and excitement.

Enjoy Bubble Shooter in Full Screen

Bubble Shooter is a game that has been warmly accepted by the online game lovers. Although some players weren’t happy with the small screen of the game that made their playing uncomfortable. There is a good news for them. Now your favorite Bubble Shooter is available in full screen. I know much you are excited to play the game in full screen! Visit any website in order to learn more about full screen Bubble Shooter.
Bubble Shooter is a game where you have to make disappear the group of same colored Bubbles. You will shoot a bubble to make the group of at least 3 bubbles. You can control the whole game by using mouse. There is no time limit on the game so that you can take your time in making any decision. This fun game has only one lacking and that is the small screen but now this lacking has been overcome!

Diner Dash Online- A tasty Puzzle Game

If you love cooking or to act as a restaurant owner than Diner Dash is the kind of game that meet the purpose. In this game the main objective is to act as a restaurant order. To meet the demand of the customer with precision is the main challenge of this game. Also you have to deliver them in time. The game has 50 challenging levels with humorous effects, fun sounds and great animation. The game has autosave option so that in case you forget to save and it can be played in offline mode. Ply the game here http://www.dinerdashonline.org/ free. This game is of great fun and creative also. In this game there are two modes to play : career and endless shift modes. As the graphics quality is good, this game can be played in full screen with good resolution. Play this game and enjoy!


Bubble struggle game is a simple format of games which you cannot play with any device that is accessible with flash player. You can also easily play this game on your pc. You can play this game in solo mood or dual mood. The game is also available in online websites like http://www.bubblestruggle.co/ . So that, you can be connected virtually with bubble struggle gamers & show your achievements & skills online. The game starts with very easy levels, & player of any age can handle these levels easily. After a few levels when you are totally familiar with the dodging skills & master techniques of the game, the difficulty level of this game starts to increase. This game will give you a quality time. It is a game packed full of excitement. You will never get tired to play this game.

Get pleasure from Maze Games

One of the popular online games is the Maze game. This game has come up with varieties of concepts that has successfully able to grasp the attention of the players. Scary maze is one of them that are loved by the players.

Scary maze game is a fun game that you will move to play for hours. Here you have to move an object through the mazes. Be careful, you are not allowed to touch the walls. If you touch them the game will be over and you need to restart the game. The background music of the game makes the game more appealing so don’t forget to play the game with full sound. This simple looked game will blow you up with fun!

You can enjoy this game by visiting any website and play this game for free as many times as you want. So, don’t seat lazy, go and have fun!

A Game with No Rules- Skull Kid

Skull Kid is an online flash game filled with thrill. If you haven’t played the game, you must try it at least for once. So, Play now and enjoy the game.
Skull Kid is a game with no rules. There are only objects and peoples. The aim of this game is to kill everything on the level. For doing this, you will be given different kinds of weapons. First, you will get an ironic chainsaw and as you will proceed in the game you will get more weapons that will make the game more fun to play. This game will allow you to slice, shoot and dismember your enemy. You have to face different challenges in the game and if you are a new player then you might have problem to face those challenges.
This is a short game which can be finished in a few minutes but don’t allow your kid to play the game.

Difficult but Fun Maze Games

Are you looking for a maze game! You will find a many of them in internet. They are conceptually different from one another. Scary Maze Game 7 is such an entertaining game.
Among many scary maze games you can start from Animal Maze where you have to get little bugs to its goal. To do this, you have to arrange the tiles in such a way that you can go easily to the end. You will feel the difficulties most when the pieces will start to fall down. Another fun maze is the Line Game where you have to play a line. You can also try Scary Maze game where the screen is full of transparent bubbles and you need to tap them. If you tap the wrong bubble, suddenly a screaming monster will come out and your game will be over.
All these scary maze games can be enjoyed for Free!