Tackle the world of magic and fantasy with Ethereal Masters 2

Most of us dream of having their own power or magic especially kids due to the influence of media or entertainment mediums. By engaging with them, our imaginations are becoming limitless or wide. That is also what is going on with the games that we play at the moment. Great creativeness is the key to a great game. Magic, fantasy and action are the usual themes. In fact, this content that you are currently reading at the moment offers or presents one good example. It is the game called Ethereal Masters 2.

This is actually the sequel to Ethereal Masters. From the title alone, you can definitely say that it has something to do with magic or fantasy. This is actually a dueling game using cards. The players will be given cards that correspond to a certain power or character. All you have to do is to use the cards efficiently and effectively to defeat the opposing player’s card. Strategy will be a great key to your success in this game.

Help the troll achieve his goal in Trollface Quest 6

Trollface Quest 6 is the sixth installment from the game series called Trollface Quest. Since this is already the sixth offering, players can expect for more challenging adventure and levels. But before we move on to further details of this game, let us tackle three things that you need to know about Trollface Quest 6. First are the platforms or levels to indulge which are logical and simple in so many ways.

Second is the chance for you to not get trolled. Last is to realize that everything can be solved through numbers of clicks. Your main goal is to help the Troll to be fit through the process of certain regimens. You just have to figure out how he can succeed in each level. After that, he will be able to get back at the kicker who grabbed his pizza away. Try solving the mysteries or logical situation s in this game now.

Help Fireboy and Watergirl 2 through the levels

Are you looking for a game where you can bond with friends or family? Once again help two different creatures continue their adventure in the second installment of the game Fireboy and Watergirl. The game is actually for two players, one to control Fireboy and the other to control Watergirl. But not to worry if you do not have someone to play with you yet, you can still enjoy playing alone. It is only much enjoyable to play with someone.

You main goal is to collect all diamonds and get to the exit doors. There are four modes to play on: the Octagon-shaped levels, the Triangle-shaped levels, the Diamond levels and the Diamond-shaped levels. There are different rules and goals in each mode. Fireboy and Watergirl 2 in the Light Temple is a challenging action adventure game. You can try this game for free at http://www.coolmath-games.com/0-fireboy-watergirl-2-light-temple.

It is all about interaction in Bridesmaids Magic Tea Party

There are different categories of games existing online which is a great event or phenomena because of three reasons. First is because of the fact that they give gamers the variety of fun and entertainment they deserve. Second is because of the chance they give gamers to see and try what games fit their tastes or preferences. Last is because of the fact that gamers will be able to determine a hard one to an easy medium. This article presents a good example of game which girls will surely love.

The name of the game is Bridesmaid Magic Tea Party. This features Barbie and the bridesmaids having fun on a party. The mission of the gamers who will be engaging with this girly and cute flash game is to interact with the game itself using the mouse. There will be instructions given that you have to follow. You have to make the party alive and magical. Serve tea, cupcakes and other food as well as style the guests to their supreme royalty.

Unique shooting games to be found at Games like Ricochet Kills

Shooting games are very popular through the years because of three reasons. First is because of the involvement of different shooting weapons like guns and rifle which most people are very passionate about. Second is because of the shooting action that takes place which excites and thrills most people or gamers. Last is because it actually develops or improves something within the gamer which can be a positive help in real life. If you are looking for a good one, you can try the virtual mediums involved in Games like Ricochet Kills.

The games involved in this compilation are all part of the unique and famous shooting game series called Ricochet Kills. The main objective or goal of the players in each edition of the series is to shoot the target with the least possible shots. This come the projection and accuracy where one needs to strategize on how to make the shots ricochet from one target to another. There are seven editions or installments that you can play here. The more games you play, the MORE fun you will have.

Succeed in all missions in Strike Force Heroes 3

Are you addicted or fond about shooting games? If your answer is a yes, then you might get interested with the topic that this article is currently presenting. This is about an example of the mentioned game and it is called Strike Force Heroes 3. This is the third installment from the game series with the same title minus the number 3 on it. Since this is already the third offering, gamers can expect for more challenging and interesting gameplay.

The mission of the gamers who are trying to figure out this game is to shoot the opponents off the platform or arena. There will be lots of weapons to use and you just have to utilize them efficiently and accurately. There are 50 missions for you to accomplish and as you progress, they become tougher and harder. You can look here for additional information or refreshing your knowledge about this particular game.

Balance the platform in Stabilize

Are you familiar with Stabilize? This is not about the literal meaning as a word. Is it a movie, a television series or a flash game? If your answer pertains to the latter, then you are totally correct. Stabilize is an example of a flash game. This is an interesting game because of two things. First is because of the simple graphics and design which are perfect for the theme of the game. Second is the challenging gameplay that may look simple at the start but gets tougher and harder as the game progresses.

The goal of anyone who will be engaging with this particular game is to balance the platform given in the game. There are two modes that you can enjoy such as campaign mode and free play. Make sure that you strategically put the objects on the right places so that the platform will not fall or else, you will have to retry the game all over again.

A thrilling adventure awaits you in Cactus McCoy 5

Cactus McCoy 5 is the fifth installment from the game series called Cactus McCoy. The mentioned series has becoming more popular now because of three reasons. First is because of the incredible stories involve which are improving and exciting to know. Second is because of the involvement of some mystery regarding the location as well as the main character. Last is because of the tremendous efforts of the creator to provide the best aesthetics possible.

If you want to engage with this game, you should continue reading this article now! Your goal or objective as the player of this game is to find the mysterious treasure as well as the source of the mystery that makes the dead and inanimate objects move. Beware of the mentioned dangers because they are lurking around to hurt you. Use all the given weapons to survive the place. Place this game now and test yourself if you can survive.

Play Gun Mayhem 3 against other online players

Gun Mayhem 3 Chaos Faction, the third installment of the Gun Mayhem series, is a multiplayer online game. The core gameplay of the first two versions were really like this, only, Gun Mayhem 3 is about online playing with and against other online players. In this installment, the player can choose which mode to play: Campaign, Deathmatch or Survival.

In the Campaign mode, you will fight the boss of every level to unlock extra levels, weapons and characters. In the Deathmatch mode, you can form a team with a maximum of six members. And in the Survival mode, you fight with as many enemies as you can and you may submit your score to the online scoreboard. Players can customize their characters before the start of each mode, and that includes choosing your weapon. Being an online game, Gun Mayhem 3 has become the most popular in the game series.

Find the criminal in Wheely 7

Wheely 7 is the seventh and latest edition from the game series called Wheely. From the name, you can easily sense or conclude that it has something to do with cars. The series where this particular game is involved is very successful because of two reasons. First is because it involves a lot of action, puzzles, riddles and challenging gameplay. Second is because it requires strategic thinking from the player which is a great way to challenge him or her. Going back to the main topic, Wheely 7 is an interesting game because it has a new story in it.

The story is about Wheely becoming a detective to investigate on the robbery that happened on the bank from where he withdrawn certain money. He will only be successful if you help him as the player if this game. Make sure that you crank cranks, flip switches and push buttons so that wheely will have a progress on his investigation. More details are included at http://wheely7.com/.