It is all about defensive action with Temple Guardian

Temple Guardian is an example of a tower defense game that is offering tremendous entertainment to many people or gamers around the world. There are two reasons why you will love this wonderful game. First is because of the fact that it is more of the defensive side which is important in reel or real life. Second is because of the fact that the graphics and designs add glamour and attractiveness to the overall appearance of the game. In this game, you will act as the guardian of the temple which you will easily notice from the title alone.

The castle of lightning and fire has been attacked by waves of enemy which main goal is to invade the precious castle. You will have to strategically build tower defense so that they will not be able to enter the premises of the castle. There are 30 levels that you can enjoy on the first chapter and another 20 on the final stage.

Go faster and farther with Run 2 Live

Running is not just a simple action that we do on a daily basis but an essential form of exercise too. Most people forgot that a simple run for a certain kilometers can do wonders in the near future. That is the reason why it is important to have a time for running. Going back to the main topic in this article, a flash game named Run 2 Live has been getting a lot of praise from gamers around the world. This game focuses on extreme and continuous running.

This is created by and released in 2010. Your main goal as the player in this game is to control a stick figure character. It will run continuously and it will depend on your control and navigation to score higher points. Utilize the mouse and arrow keys in order to make the stick figure character run and jump successfully. The great thing about this game is that you can play for free.

Guess words as many as you can in Semantic Wars

If there is one flash game that involves action and guessing game, it will be the one called Semantic Wars. This is perfect for gamers who are not only looking for tremendous action but also educational aspects as well. Semantic Wars is an action-packed game that also incorporates words to fond about. There are two reasons why you will have to check this game out. First is because of the battle that will undergo as you are on the process of venturing in this game. Second is the warm up challenge to boost your mind and your tactics too.

As the player, you will be given weapons and warriors which you will use in going into some battles. But before you move forward, you will have to earn enough money to be prepared in the battle. You can earn money by guessing the words in various categories presented in the screen. You will have to unleash your knowledge with words so you can earn enough. Use your earning in buying certain stuffs integral in the battle you will be going.

Drive and organize the enormous vehicles with Park My Big Rig 3

Can you imagine how most of the vehicles in the world are placed on land? They are organized through signs and marked areas to avoid disorganization and chaos. That way is called Parking. It is really important to create a proper place and arrangement of cars and other vehicles. Some are really good with it and others need proper guidance or tutorial. If you are on the latter side, then you can engage with the flash game being tackled in this article which is entitled Park My Big Rig 3. If you are observant, you can easily guess or say that this game has something to do with big vehicles.

This game is all about parking. But the question is what types of vehicle will the player have to drive? The answer is a really big vehicle. There are 20 levels in this game and in each level, there is a designated big vehicle that you must park on the marked spot. Examples are trucks and tractors. You can search for this game online so you can enjoy continuously.

Make it through Elsa Time Travel Japan

Are you a Frozen fan? Of the many games created based on this famous movie, whether official or not, you will surely love playing Elsa Time Travel Japan. Queen Elsa of Arendelle decided to travel back in time to Japan to know their culture and lifestyle. Your goal is to make sure that the queen reaches Japan safely.

On the first level, help her collect ten Japanese marked balls. Make sure your spaceship does now bump into the planets around. The spaceship goes up by clicking the left button of your mouse but does not have a key for going down. On the next level, search for ten diamonds as soon as possible. And upon reaching Japan, give the queen a relaxing spa. Elsa Time Travel Japan is only a short game but it is an exciting and challenging game especially if it is your first time to play the first level.

Protect the gems in Cursed Treasure 4

Cursed Treasure 4 is a flash game which is the fourth installment from the flash game series called Cursed Treasure. Just like the mentioned series, games like this is way better than a single game because of two reasons. First is the longevity of the game since a series offers editions or installments. Second is because the entertainment brought to players is continuing and evolving. Cursed Treasure 4 is a tower defense game that requires strategy and planning from the players. If you want some details about it, just click over here or continue reading the entire article now!

As mentioned above, this is a tower defense game which focuses more on defense but still elaborates offensive actions. Since this is already the fourth installment or edition, one ca expect for changes. Some of them are additional levels, more complex plot and others. The objective is still the same which is to protect the three towers built by the player himself or herself. Each tower contains gems that are precious and need to be protected at all times.

Follow the King’s order in Crush the Castle 2

The medieval period has been greatly incorporated in the flash game series called Crush The Castle because of three reasons. One is because of the entertainment it offers to the players through the graphic designs and background. Second reason is because it involves a lot of action which will excite many players as well. Last reason is because of the medieval setting which is a good era to play into. This series has been continuing to offer new editions like the second version in Crush The Castle 2.

King Redvonian and Siege Master is still present in this new version with a new mission. The King has received information about the castles built by King Blutias. This made the king upset and order the Siege Master to be on his best ability to destroy the Blutian castles. The player will have to use the trebuchet wisely and precisely in order to satisfy the King. Crush the castles accordingly to make yourself fulfilled and triumphant.

Lead your army with Warlords: Epic Conflict

In life, there will be battles that we need to face that will eventually make us stronger for the future. We win some, we lose some and that is the game of life. Everyday we struggle for comfort and a happy life but it is tough to achieve if there will be hinders or obstacles blocking on the way. Some will falter, some will give up but some will also stand up and fight to be successful.

It is ok to feel scared but make sure that you will do something that will make that fear out of your mind. This thinking can also be imposed or incorporated in flash games just like the one called Warlords: Epic Conflict. In this game, you will be the commander in chief of the race where you belong. You must establish a great defensive and offensive system by recruiting and training an army that is indestructible against all odds. There will be demonic enemies that will try to invade your territory. Make sure your army is prepared and go on with the battle ahead. Be strategic and be aggressive in order to defeat the demonic hordes as much as possible.

Kill all the enemies in Gun Mayhem 2

Gun Mayhem 2 is a flash game that involves a lot of shooting action and weapons. This is already the second edition from the very addicting shooting flash game series called Gun Mayhem. In this edition, the player’s objective is to kill all the opponents as well as escape their shots as much as possible. Kill them all by utilizing the weapons in the game in order to be successful through the end. The two good things about Gun Mayhem 2 are the aesthetic and sounds. The designs and graphics are highly commendable.

The sounds are perfect to make the action realistic even by just the virtual sound. It is very important to be familiar with the game screen so that you will not be confused on where to play and what to do. The game screen options are Campaign button where you will start the game, Custom button where you can customize the characters and weapons, Challenges where you can see the list of challenges to deal with and the Credits.

Be musically inclined with Violin Tuner

Being a musician can be either an enhanced talent or a skill learned. It is much easier for the ones who have the gift of music than the less gifted individuals. The gifted will have an easy time coping with all the aspects of music since they have it inside their mind, heart, and soul. For the less gifted one, it will be a long strive to hurdle before being sharpened into different aspects of music. Nevertheless, each is going on the positive side, which is great musicality.

There are different instruments that people can engage with such as piano, guitar, and violin. If you want to have a grasp of the process from one instrument, the game called Violin Tuner can help. The objective of the player in this game is pretty simple. He or she has to tune the violin until the sound is perfect with the music or song that it will be engaging. The quicker and more efficient the player’s action are, the better the sound and score will be. Search Violin Tuner online and be musically inclined in a virtual world.