Bring back the joy in Monkey Go Happy Marathon 2

Monkey is one of the most intelligent creature in the world because of three factors. One is because it can think and move very similar to humans. Second is because they are witty and very well familiar with their environment and how to survive in it. Last is because of the bond they form just like what most of us have. In fact, there is a theory that states that we evolved from monkeys which is still on the process of gathering evidences. That is the reason why they are very good characters to incorporate in movies, television series and flash games. One great example is the flash game called Monkey Go Happy Marathon 2.

The scenario in this game is that the monkey are very sad for a certain reason. It is the player’s job to bring back the smiles and joy in their faces by following the given tasks and instructions in each level. There are 30 levels existing in this game which will offer an extended entertainment to players. Its main webpage is

Run And Jump With Nak The Crunkodile!

A very fun platform game with a cute little crocodile. If you are one of the fans of platform games, you will definitely enjoy Nak The Crunkodile. The storyline evolves around some bad guys that want to take your gold.

Now you need to go through your temple and collect all your gold. This won’t be so easy because of the bad guys and obstacles in your way. You need to avoid skulls on your way, or to kill them, because you receive gold also by killing them. You will run, slide and jump over the platform and over the bad guys. Don’t let them catch you because you will die. Graphics of the game are quite simple, as well as the controls. You will move with your right and left arrow keys and jump with up arrow key. You will enjoy the simplicity of this game! Click now and challenge yourself!

Follow the King’s order in Crush the Castle 1

The medieval period has been incorporated in different entertainment mediums such as movies, television series and flash games. There are three facts that clearly support the statement mentioned. One is because of the scenery and atmosphere that this period has which make living simple but contented. Second is because of the Kings and Queens fully existing where arts and designs are classic and magical. Last is because of the presence of Kingdoms and battles which are epic and historic. Crush the Castle 1 is a flash game that fully features the Medieval Period.

The story in this game is that King Redvonian wants to clear other castles in his territory. In order to do that, he will assign a Siege Master who will be the one performing the destructions which in this case will belong to the player’s hand. You will be given a trebuchet and weapons connected to it and start crushing the castles along the way. Kill its inhabitants and be successful in executing the King’s orders. The official website of this game is

Utilize the cannon ball in Helmet Bombers 2

Bombs have importance in this life. These are not only intended for bad things like destroying someone or enemy. It can also be use in a more worthy things like destruction of an old building for creating a new one. It can be use in splitting large masses of rocks, glaciers, or land. It can also be a good theme in a flash game like the one called Helmet Bombers 2.

From the title itself, you can determine that this game has something to do with bombs. The good thing about it is that you can play with bombs in a virtual and safe way. As a player of this game, your main goal is to eliminate enemies using a cannon and bombs. The thing that you must do is to aim and shoot towards the direction or location of your target. Your score in this game will depend on how many enemies you will be able to eliminate.

Strike Force Heroes 4: Strike Force Heroes Extraction is the next strike

The all new version of Strike Force Heroes is Extraction is ready to amuse the Strike Hero series fans. The game feels more like G I Joe and Transformers. This game is based on the same old theory like the earlier versions. But addition of new characters and new weapons keeps this game fresh and blooming.

The theme story of this game is that a rogue military organization is planning an attack in your base and you need to stop them. You can equip your soldiers and weapons as you progress in the game. Also unlock the unlockable which is important to deal with the enemies in future. Visit for more information regarding the gameplay and features. Other than that the game is a refreshing piece, with enough innovations. It will be a worthy purchase for the fans of endless runner.

Shoot and survive in Robo Slug

If you like shooting games and robots, this game is for you. The military robots were hacked and had gone haywire. The underground networking robot needs to be destroyed to cut off the hacker. Help Robo Slug in his mission.

Kill robots but watch out for the rackets aimed at you by the racket ship flying above head. Control him using your keyboard. Use the arrow keys to make him move left and right, aim upward and duck and use the letters A for jumping, S for shooting and space bar for throwing grenade. You can also change the controls to the A, S, W and D keys along with J, K, L keys. Watch out for the pick ups appearing when you killed enemies, jump to get them. Some replenishes your energy and some give you powerful weapons. Earn high score by shooting and killing foes.

Attack the enemies in Clone Wars

Are you a Star Wars fan? Here is a Star Wars game, Elite Forces: Clone Wars. It is a war game where you attack your opponents to capture their barracks. You have to capture their barracks so you can produce more units. You are the blue team; your opponents are green and red. Click on your barrack and point to an enemy.

If you want to attack another enemy, you can deselect the first one you attacked by hitting space bar. You send half of your units in your barrack when you attack your enemies. Do not waste time attack the grey barracks for they are neutral and would not attack. At the beginning of the game, there is the option Editor. You can make your own map in the Editor and use it in the game. Play Elite Forces: Clone Wars and indulge yourself playing as a Star Wars allied.

Collect Your Gold In Nak The Crunkodile!

In this game your goal is to collect all your gold because some bad guys are coming to take it from you. So you need to run through the whole temple and collect your gold. As you may already know, in Nak The Crunkodile your sweet little hero is a crocodile. To control him you will use your arrow keys. He will run, slide and jump while collecting his gold. On your way you will have some obstacles that you need to avoid. If you don’t avoid and jump over them, they will kill you. You also earn gold killing skulls on your way. So be very careful with those obstacles and the skulls. The game has very simple graphics and the music following the game is very energetic. This game is full of adventure and challenge. So if you like these kind of games click now and play it!

Curve Ball: Play It In 3D!

Curve ball is a very interesting game for kids, but also for adults. It is very simple and addictive. It has simple graphics and controls. But the thing that makes it so special is that it is very short. With long games you can easily get bored, but this game you will just want to play again and again. It is very simple, but very challenging. Your goal is to save the ball as long as you can. The longer you manage to keep it, the harder it will get. If you choose playing this game you will assure spending a thrilling time. This game is a new version of Pong and it is much more improved. If has more levels and more challenge. In this game you have an opportunity to get higher score. The most interesting feature of the game is that it is in 3D. So play it and enjoy you free time!

10 More Bullets: Game of Tricks!!

Do you think that you have good skills for shooting game? If you think so, then go for 10 more bullets flash game which is here to test your trigger finger. You have to shoot the enemy planes for making scores.
You can choose 2 players or one player. While the game starts, you will see various enemy planes are flying here and there, shoot them as much as you can. When you will take two players, at that point any one will win the game. That means the player who will shoot more planes will win the game. There will be timing towards the end of the game. You should not spam your shots and you have to make the most of your munitions by causing chain reactions. How much planes you have destroyed that will be counted? Play and have fun!